Simple – our work is built on respect: for our clients, our contractors, and our employees.

We’re also pretty fun. And cool. And proud of our diversity.

And… we LOVE what we do!!!

Isn’t that refreshing?

We think so. Actually… we KNOW so.

We keep iconic retail spaces looking sharp and running smoothly, 24-7.

Who do you call when you need to refresh your storefront? Or build a new display? Or restore your shop’s floors? Or install new plumbing or electrical? 





We are a boutique, trend-setting retail facilities firm comprised of two divisions: Project Construction and Maintenance

We offer customized, coast-to-coast first point of contact service to retail brands across Canada and the United States. 


Freshco is a well-known industry pioneer when it comes to transparency and provides outstanding work on all levels. With over 20 years of experience to back us and a team of dedicated professionals on the ground, we won’t just meet your expectations – we’ll exceed them.

Our work speaks for itself. We’ll go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to make a space amazing.

From retail maintenance to customized projects to large-scale reconstruction jobs, this is a taste of what Freshco brings to the table.

Meet Mandy Rennehan, the heart, soul, brains and brawn behind the Freshco brand. Mandy founded the company in 1995. It was the first 24/7, full service on-call retail maintenance provider with coverage across Canada and the Eastern United States.

Today, Freshco is the most successful, well-run and financially responsible retail maintenance business in the country.

The Blue Collar C.E.O

I believe a healthy world and economy DEPENDS on a thriving blue collar labour force. So let’s start building it! LEARN MORE

Industry Leader

I’ve used my dyslexia, depression, being a woman in a totally male-dominated industry, and gay, and dirt poor, as the impetus and fuel to become a leader in the corporate world… LEARN MORE


Who says the “status quo” has to be so? I’m a passionate advocate for women in trades and I travel the globe talking about WHY change is good…



Helping and giving back to others is who I am, and connects to everything that I do… LEARN MORE

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