Code of Conduct Erin McCann 29 November 2023


Freshco Approved Contractors: Behaviour & Conduct

Code of Conduct

  • Technicians will conduct themselves in a professional, respectful manner with the client and Freshco team
  • Violence, harassment, aggression, or discrimination of any kind will result in immediate removal from Freshco’s network and all future Freshco jobs.
  • Technicians will communicate with the Freshco team at the earliest opportunity if they will be late or miss an appointment.
  • Any mistakes will be communicated to the Freshco team as soon as they are realized, along with an action plan on how they will be fixed.
  • All documents and emails will be reviewed in a timely manner and technicians will reach out if there are any questions.

Check-in and Check Out

  • All contractors are required to check in and out through the IVR systems per instructions provided with each work order. Failure to check in and out will result in non-payment or reduced payment
  • Before and after photos must be taken and provided to Freshco as proof that job has been completed satisfactorily

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • All contractors are required to be registered with Workers’ Compensation Insurance. A copy of the company’s certificate needs to be on file before they can be scheduled on a job site.

Liability Insurance

  • All contractors are required to provide valid proof of liability insurance, prior to providing any services
  • Minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance with Freshco Retail Maintenance listed as additionally insured

Health and Safety

  • Health and Safety is a top priority to Freshco. Contractors will follow all Health and Safety guidelines regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workplace guidelines.
  • Contractors will take the necessary safety precaution whenever performing tasks.


  • We do not permit our contractors to further sub-contract work. It is agreed that if work is dispatched to your company, your company will be completing the work.

Smoking and Drugs and Alcohol

  • Smoking is only permitted during break times and local smoking laws must be abided.
  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on any Freshco job site. If anyone is suspected to be under the influence of any banded substance it is Freshco’s sole discretion to have them removed from site.

Social Media

  • Any photos taken on a Freshco job site or with Freshco branded gear must be approved by a Freshco office manager prior to sharing on social media outlets. We must adhere to our client’s copyright policies and therefore have a zero-tolerance policy regarding this.

Being a Freshco approved contractor means that you agree to all the Policies and Procedures included in this document and that you understand that you are representing Freshco when you are completing work on our behalf.

If any of the above items are not adhered to your working relationship with Freshco may be ended permanently.