Maintenance Erin McCann 06 February 2020
Preventative Maintenance

Catching issues before they become costly problems.

The last thing any retail business needs are closures due to broken appliances, leaky plumbing, electrical failures or other unforeseen problems.

Regularly scheduled maintenance activities can help prevent unexpected failures in the future. Put simply, we are here to fix things before they break

Put simply, we are here to fix things before they break.🔨


Freshco has worked with countless facilities to deliver budget and time conscious workflows and maintenance solutions. Our superpower is our incredible network of techs, trades and PMS: conducting thorough needs assessments at the get-go and following up consistently with great attention to detail.

Interior Buidling Maintenance
Interior Building Maintenance

+ Repairing fixtures, painting, and drywall repairs, ceiling tiles
+ Minor renovations
+ Appliance repairs: including dishwashers and refrigerators
+ Sound systems: including speakers, amplifiers, doorbells

Electrical Programs

+ Ballast replacements
+ Adding/moving/ replacing electrical outlets
+ Re-lamping light fixtures
+ Electrical panel repairs
+ Emergency lighting testing & repairs


+ Toilet clogs
+ Snake and camera drains
+ Backups and pipe leak repairs sinks, faucets and bathroom fixture repairs and replacements
+ Backflow prevention tests

Emergency Restoration

+ Floods + Fire clean-up + Asbestos removal + Mold remediation

Door Repairs

+ Exterior/Interior doors
+ Sliding Grills
+ Loading docks
+ Automatic door openers

Exterior Building & Property Services

+ Signage
+ Painting
+ Lighting
+ Window cleaning

Fire. Life. Safety.

+ Fire extinguisher inspections
+ Fire escape signage, installation/inspection
+ Fire alarm testing/inspections
+ Sprinkler testing and repair


+ Emergency responses for break in damage or caused by inclement weather
+ Window replacements
+ Window cleaning
+ Window marketing materials – setup and takedown


+ Flooring installation and repairs (carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, etc.)
+ Floor cleaning
+ Hardwood refinishing

Years of experience and clients can't be wrong— we're experts at maintaining your space so you don't have to.
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